Desk Manager, Trading

Trading really fits my profile. Just like in Martial Arts, my hobby, trading is very intense, competitive and measurable; at the end of the day, just like at the end of a Martial Arts match, you can immediately see your results.

As a Desk Manager I literally manage the trading desks. This means managing our positions and also a team of Traders. I make sure that we meet expectations and don’t exceed the risk parameters. I study and recognize trends and create strategies. I like searching for links and puzzle with numbers.

How I got into trading? Well, funny is that I not only have a Master in Economics and Business Administration, but also have a Master in Marketing. One of my friends pointed out that trading might be the career for me because I just liked to play around with numbers. I applied and he was right, I like what I do and hope, if the market allows, I can continue trading for quite some time.